FRUITEIN® - Vegetarian Banana Orange Creme Shake

Available Sizes:
Product No. 4589 - 1.4 lbs. / 635g Can (18 Servings)
Product No. 45891 - 2.8 lbs. / 1270g Can (37 Servings)
Product No. 45890 - 1.2 oz. / 34g Single Serving Packet
Product No. 95890 - 8 Single Serve Packets

Our incredibly delicious Banana Orange Creme FRUITEIN is an all-natural vegetarian blend of complete protein and complex carbohydrates. In addition to providing 100% of the Daily Values for all vitamins and most minerals, each delicious glass of FRUITEIN supplies a complete profile of enzymes in a highly nutritious whole food and herbal base, including spirulina, Korean ginseng, Spanish bee pollen, young barley leaves, oat bran, pineapple, papaya, and a variety of other fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Mixed with water or milk, each rich and creamy serving of FRUITEIN will delight your taste buds with its delectable combination of all-natural flavor from fresh oranges and sun-ripened bananas. FRUITEIN is the ultimate high protein, low calorie energy shake!

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