The Most Trusted Supplier of Natural Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements.


For over 40 years, Nature's Plus has worked hard to become the "gold standard" among natural vitamin and nutritional supplement suppliers. Our commitment to excellence has earned the loyalty of thousands of natural whole food products retailers and millions of their customers across the U.S. and the world.


The Most Trusted Manufacturer of Natural Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements.


Unlike many distributors who represent numerous manufacturers of varying reputations, Nature's Plus develops, manufactures, distributes and supplies our own line of products. As industry-leading natural vitamins and nutritional supplements manufacturers, we guide the entire process from research and development to shipment to your health food store.


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For more information about offering our premier line of natural vitamins and nutritional supplements in your health food store, call toll-free 800-645-9500 today and talk to our knowledgeable and friendly customer service specialists. Help your health conscious customers enjoy life at its fullest with Nature's Plus, The Energy Supplements.


Nature's Plus' Exceptional Quality Assurance at Every Stage


• Selection of the highest quality safe and natural ingredients for the Nature's Plus line of over 1,000 natural vitamins and nutritional supplements


• State-of-the-art manufacturing facility meets the highest level of Good Manufacturing Practices.


• Ongoing training & education. Nature's Plus is a leader in educating the health food industry about new market trends and innovations. Our highly trained sales force keeps health food stores in tune with the ever-changing needs of the consumer. The people of Nature's Plus have a mission to educate consumers about the unique benefits of shopping at health food stores.


• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Nature’s Plus is committed to supplying superior quality natural vitamins and nutritional supplements that meet the high energy demands of our customers without shortcuts or compromise. This is your unconditional guarantee from Nature’s Plus, The Energy Supplements.


•Plus over 1,000 Nature's Plus natural vitamins and nutritional supplements to satisfy your health needs and goals.


Nature's Plus' bestselling natural vitamins and nutritional supplements include:


SPIRU-TEIN®: The world's first energizing protein powder supplement to deliver revitalizing, health-enhancing nutrition along with decadent, indulgent taste sensations


Source of Life®: The first mega-potency whole-food-based multivitamin, and the first supplement to unleash a Guaranteed Burst of Energy.


Animal Parade®: Superior-quality nutrition for children’s evolving nutritional needs, delivered in a luscious rainbow of delicious flavors, tantalizing textures and fun shapes.


Herbal Actives: Ultra-potent herbal formulas that are scientifically standardized to the highest level of active principles.


Thursday Plantation: The original tea tree company – a market leader for tea tree oil driven by a genuine mission to promote health with natural therapeutics.